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Need an item embroidered? Call us at (201) 843-1199 Ext 2.

Here you will find your options for embroidery (the art of creating logos/designs using thread). Choose a font to customize an article of clothing that you wish to purchase from Uniform Fashions.

Embroidery an Excellent Choice

Embroidery puts the finishing touch on your professional image. It creates awareness of your company in the community. It builds employee team spirit. It's affordable. It's a fantastic way to advertise your business while running errands around town. It's great for safety, performance awards, and corporate gifts.

Choose Your Font & Color

Below you will find the font and color chart for all embroidery options that we currently offer. Maximum of 22 characters allowed per line on embroidered items. This includes spaces and punctuation marks.

Letter Styles

Styles include: Blacklight, Serif 3, and Script 2.

Color Choices

Colors include: White, Black, Royal, Navy, Red, Wine, Kelly Green, and Pink.

Having Items Embroidered

When choosing to add embroidery to an item, simply add the item to your cart and at check-out, click the green "add embroidery" button next to the item you wish to have embroidered.

Once you have selected the button, if you are a member in a group, you can choose that group for their specific embroidery requirements.
If you are not a member in a group, you may then select embroidery from the list. You will then be prompted to select location, font/style choice, color choice, case, such as; upper/lower case, and to write in your inscription(s). Choose carefully as all customized merchandise is a final sale.

Delivery Information

Additional Specifications

Embroidery location is where the embroidery will be applied; Left Chest, Right Chest, Left Sleeve, Right Sleeve, Hat Front, Hat Back, or "Other" for unspecified locations.

Font/Style is the type of lettering available; Blacklight, Script 2, or Serif.

Colors choices are; White, Black, Royal, Navy, Red, Wine, Kelly Green or Pink.

Inscription 1 is where you will choose exactly what you want to be embroidered on to your item. Instription 2, and Inscription 3 are the next two lines to be embroidered on your item if applicable. If you wish to add a suffix to your embroidery such as RN, please include after your name.

Case is used to determine whether you want your embroidery to be in all capital letters (JOHN SMITH), upper and lower case (John Smith), or all lower case (john smith).

Additional comments are used only for our staff and what you type in here are only for our instructions and will not show up anywhere on your item. If you have a specific request such as; "Please capitalize the first and second letters in my first name", this is where you would type in your request.

Cherokee Uniforms

Delivery Notice: The delivery for all items is defaulted at two weeks, this is standard and cannot be expedited. Rush delivery may be available but to ensure that it is a possibility on your item, please call us first at (201) 843-1199.

*Rush deliveries will incur an attached delivery fee.